Ford Fiesta for rent in Samui

Ford Fiesta

The car Ford Fiesta is well adapted to the conditions of operation in the tropics, the ground clearance is large, there is a heated rear window. Climate control, although a simple one-zone, but works effectively. The suspension is somewhat stiff, but the energy intensity is not bad, smoothness is good.

ESP stabilization system, climate control, parking sensors, audio system. Engine by modern standards is not particularly powerful, but high-torque. Already at a speed of 50 km / h, the car accelerates steadily in fifth gear. Dynamics is normal, both for the city and for the road. Fuel consumption in the city is quite large - about 10 liters per 100 km, along the highway 6-7 liters. The fuel tank is too small - only 40 liters. Noise isolation is quite effective. Handling is good. Steering informative.

Driving a Ford Fiesta car is easier to find a parking space, unlike sedans with a folded back seat, you can transport large items. Modern design, in the style of older models, such as the Focus and Mondeo. The car Ford Fiesta high-quality materials, even the front panel of soft plastic and quite rich equipment. Good ergonomics, a man with a height of 188 cm is far from being placed in every car with comfort, while the Fiesta has a wide range of adjustments of the driver's seat. The trunk is quite roomy and comfortable shape. Visibility is very good, front pillars are thick, small side mirrors.

This car can be rented for a few days or a week, and for a month, from which the cost will be significantly lower than the daily cost. For all questions about the cost of car rental in a particular brand, you can ask the managers in the form on the left.
* Cost per month in low season from 8,000 baht, in high from 10,000 baht.