Mazda 2 car rental in Samui

Mazda 2

There are only a few Mazda 2 cars in this rental, this one, which is not new enough, is a brand of car, but it has proven itself on roads and has excellent reviewsfrom our respected customers.

The machine is smaller than a triple, but what is in it is quite comfortable. The steering wheel is covered with leather, by the way the steering wheel is verycomfortable. Engine 1.5 skyactiv 111 horses, box classic six-speed automatic with a key to enable sport mode. All doors with closers.Climate control, not separate as in the new troika, but separate and not needed for such a salon. Seven inch monitor. MZD connect system with installed navigation.Steering wheel on the flight and height.

On security systems.
TCS / EBD / ABS / DSC | SCBS / LDWS / RCTA / BSM / TPSM | G-vectoring control

Rubber 185/60 / R16 Casting in the database. Goes softly and comfortably. Disc brakes in a circle. Rear view camera, coupled with parking sensors.What else. Acceleration to 100 in 10.3 s. Fuel consumption is not happy, it turns out around 7-8 liters per hundred.

This car can be rented for a few days or a week, and for a month, from which the cost will be significantly lower than the daily cost. For all questions aboutthe cost of car rental in a particular brand, you can ask the managers in the form on the left.
* Cost per month in low season from 8,000 baht, in high from 10,000 baht.