Toyota Fortuner old for rent in Samui

Toyota Fortuner old

Toyota Fortuner old - which is built on the new toyotovsky platform IMV, has a seriously improved frame, several new engines, as well as an improved interior with elements of modern equipment. The steering wheel is adjustable in two ranges, which allows you to optimally prepare for maneuvers and not tired to command the machine. In the car sold 8 electronic assistants. Classic (ABS) and (EBD). System anti-axlebox (A-TRC) and course stability (VSC). Assistance during the descent (DAC) and ascent (HAC).

Seven-seater salon will provide the owner with thirty configurations. Dismantling the third row of seats can easily be done by one person, there is no difficulty in this. The salon, despite the hard plastic, doesn’t rattle at all, a good overview, very spacious - 7 seats, the 3rd row is easily removed and a large trunk remains, the 2nd row moves in front and back, the driver’s seat is comfortable. Dashboard simpotnaya, nothing superfluous, but not ascetic. Consumption is moderate, about 9-10l. per hundred in the combined cycle. Ground clearance is 225mm (well, very well), the front angle of entry is 29 degrees, the rear angle is 25. The spare wheel is fixed under the bottom in the rear overhang. The right tank for a jeep will hold 80 liters of diesel, which, according to an experimentally calculated consumption of 10.2 liters in the combined cycle of a quiet ride, is enough from filling up to a red lamp for 700 km. If you are looking for a car more expensive, then you should definitely look at the line of convertibles.

This car can be rented for a few days or a week, and for a month, from which the cost will be significantly lower than the daily cost. For all questions about the cost of car rental in a particular brand, you can ask the managers in the form on the left.
* Cost per month in low season from 16,000 baht, in high from 18,000 baht.