Toyota Vios old for rent in Samui

Toyota Vios old

The Toyota Vios is a compact sedan designed specifically for the markets of Southeast Asia, China and Thailand. Today it is perhaps the most, or one of the most popular cars in our rental. It is worth noting that the design is made in the corporate style of the brand, where all the most necessary, and convenient enough for a comfortable ride around the island.

Since the Toyota Vios is still a budget car, there is no reason to expect something supernatural in the cabin: there you can find seats with fabric upholstery, an mp3 player, a stylish dashboard and control buttons. The passenger compartment easily accommodates 4 passengers, but you can't call it big. If you are looking for more cars, then you should definitely look at the line of jeeps and pickups

In Thailand, a lot of people move on scooters, you need to look at both. In narrow streets, driving a Toyota Vios is a pleasure. Dimensions allow you to climb where many SUVs would be very difficult. Suspension downed and very energy-intensive. The speed of the car keeps well, there are no banks. Steering obeys. By the way, the steering wheel is very light, you can twist one little finger. When typing speed the wheel is a little heavy. Under the hood of the car works engine 1.5 liters (109 hp). The engine is not new however reliable. For a small sedan this engine lacks a head. Speed ​​dialing is pretty sure. At the same time it is very economical. The average consumption per 100 km in the city is about 6-7 liters.

This car can be rented for a few days or a week, and for a month, from which the cost will be significantly lower than the daily cost. For all questions about the cost of car rental in a particular brand, you can ask the managers in the form on the left.
* Cost per month in low season from 8,000 baht, in high from 10,000 baht.