Ford Ranger for rent in Samui

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger (pickup) - a stylish and powerful car designed for extreme trips. This is a great car for traveling in Thailand. Rent a car in Koh Samui with insurance will cost from 1,500 baht per day.Pickup Ford Ranger for rent in Koh Samui have excellent equipment. Inside, a modern multimedia system with 8 inch display, 2-zone climate control, premium audio system, rear view camera.The leather seats of the first row are electrically adjustable. On the back row of seats three people are freely accommodated, without any hint of tightness.

Considering the technical characteristics of this model, first of all they note a powerful engine (250 hp) and a 10-speed automatic gearbox. The maximum speed of such a machine is 175 km / h.Acceleration time to 100 km / h is 12.3 seconds. Consumption of diesel fuel in the combined cycle - 7 liters. Clearance - 232 mm. If you are looking for a car more expensive, then you shoulddefinitely look at the line of convertibles.

Cars on Samui of a similar class are taken in order not to feel limited in movement over rough terrain. Pickup will take place on any road, and even where it is not. Samui car rental is a very popular service. The most profitable to take a car for a long time, taking advantage of discounts.