Mini Cooper for rent in Samui

Mini Cooper

Mini was created for the city and, in principle, the engine is enough for the eyes, I want to turn it, and the motor needs it, despite the small volume, it is a pleasure to listen to it, the motor is one of the best elements of this car, but you need to adapt to it and then You can get a lot of fun. The pleasure and awareness of the class of the car comes when he has already got behind the wheel, and only started a car with completely different emotions that most cars cannot give you. The dynamics of the car at a height, with a traffic light fires like a gun, more than adequate car responsiveness. Brakes also respond well, you can always hope for them. The steering wheel is very comfortable in the hands. The suspension is as it should be in a sports car - tough, even too much, but of course, plus its handling and maneuverability. When you drive down the street you have no doubt that you will slip between the cars that drive in front. But if you suddenly did not notice and hit the hole, then wait for a hard blow.

The interior is spacious, slightly unusual, but difficulties with the transportation of the child does not arise. The profile of the seats is good, the back does not get tired even after long trips. The trunk is sufficient for daily needs, and for Sunday trips to a picnic. The steering wheel is adjustable in two planes, a large speedometer. In the city streets it is very easy to drive around other cars, there is always room for a small miracle in the parking lot. If you are looking for a car in an easier way, then you should definitely look at the line of budget-class cars.

This car can be rented for a few days or a week, and for a month, from which the cost will be significantly lower than the daily cost. For all questions about the cost of car rental in a particular brand, you can ask the managers in the form on the left.
* Cost per month in low season from 18,000 baht, in high from 22,000 baht.