Hammer H3 for rent in Samui

Hammer H3

Hammer 3 - a car with a somewhat rough and aggressive exterior. But this is understandable, since the car is made in the style of "military" and is designed for use in extreme road conditions. This car is perfect for traveling in Thailand. Rent a car on Samui can be just 10 thousand baht per day. To do this, just want to :)

Salon Hammer H3 meets all modern requirements for comfort and convenience. Five seats, leather, metal and soft plastic. In this case, the dashboard is modest. But all the devices are conveniently located, and the buttons are always at hand. Luggage compartment volume of 835 liters. If necessary, you can fold the rear seats, increasing the usable space up to 1577 liters. If you are looking for a car more expensive, then you should definitely look at the line of convertibles.

Renting a car in Koh Samui will allow you to visit the most distant and amazing parts of Thailand. Do not deny yourself such a pleasure. It is most profitable to rent a car on Samui with long-term insurance, using discounts on rental. In the most popular tourist months, you need to take care of booking a car in advance.