Mercedes E 230 for rent in Samui

Mercedes E 230

Mercedes E 230 is a nimble and sports car with a folding roof that turns the coupe into a convertible. On such a machine is great to travel in an exotic country, which is Thailand. To rent on Samui Mercedes E 230 will cost 10 thousand baht per day. The roadster (the E-class belongs to this class) was calculated and two people, a driver and a passenger. Salon - comfortable, landing - low. It seems that you sit on the ground. This adds even more drive to the road. One push of a button and after 20 seconds the roof is fully reclined, folding in the trunk. Therefore, its volume is reduced by one third (from 335 liters to 220). But for two of this place is enough to take with you on the road the most necessary.

Renting a car in Koh Samui with insurance is an ideal option for organizing transportation around the city. Having such a car at hand, you can travel around the island in all directions. If necessary, you can turn on the air conditioner or use a fan. Do not get bored on the road and a modern multimedia system. The ergonomics of the car is very good. Ride comfortably and not tiring. If you are looking for a car in an easier way, then you should definitely look at the line of budget-class cars.

You can rent a car in Samui in a few minutes by taking a car for a couple of days. But it is more profitable to rent transport for a longer period at a more favorable rate.