BMW Z4 for rent in Samui


BMW Z4 - expensive, elegant and sports car that will appeal to those who love the speed, comfort and extreme. This double roadster is very popular. Buy this car will not be solved each. But today there is agreat opportunity to rent a car in Samui (Thailand) and experience the incredible feeling of driving behind the wheel of a powerful "German".

A distinctive feature of the BMW Z4 is its folding top, turning just (in 20 seconds) from a coupe into a convertible. The cabin has two leather seats with solid head restraints and impressive lateral support.Immediately struck by a large 12-inch multimedia display system, adapted to connect various mobile gadgets. Then everything is as it should be: climate control, heated seats, full electric windows and many othermodern details typical of expensive cars. As for the engine, this is a 2-liter engine at 265 l / s. Acceleration speed up to 100 km / h - 5 seconds. Fuel consumption - 7.2 liters. If you are looking for a carin an easier way, then you should definitely look at the line of budget-class cars.

Daily car rental on Samui with insurance costs 10 thousand baht. But you can count on a discount if you rent a car for a long time. The BMW Z4 is a great opportunity to make your holiday in Thailand romantic and rich in interesting events.