BMW 325 Cabrio for rent in Samui

BMW 325 Cabrio

BMW 325 Cabrio - a car for romantics and extreme sports lovers. The convertible has always been a sought-after car in exotic countries such as Thailand. Traveling on this car is a pleasure. Especially since the weather in Southeast Asia is favorable. Car rental on Samui - the most popular island of Thailand, is one of the most common services. You can rent a BMW 325 Cabrio at any time. But if you plan to travel in the most peak tourist months, it is better to book a car in advance.

The appearance of a convertible attracts attention. The roof is removed within 20-30 seconds, folding in the trunk. True, there is almost no place left for him. If you close the roof, the car turns into a regular coupe, the appearance of which resembles the usual "European." The top of the car is tough, so the cabin is comfortable in any weather. If we consider the technical characteristics of the car, we can distinguish a powerful motor (218 l / s), good dynamics (acceleration time up to 100 km / h - 7.8 seconds), excellent speed characteristics (maximum speed - 242 km / h). Fuel consumption - 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers on the combined cycle. If you are looking for a car in an easier way, then you should definitely look at the line of budget-class cars.

It is profitable to rent a car in Samui of this class for the entire period of a vacation or business trip. You can book a car in advance using a special service. Renting a car in Samui will make your stay on the island more interesting and eventful.